Wastedlands 2

B. Lembitz covers the Art Basel Screening of Wastedlands 2.

"Gruff Man continues throwing paint cans while a tall man in shiny shoes and sequined short-shorts explains why he and his crew need to bring a van through the screening-range. Gruff man dismissively nods and continues sorting his cans. Like stray cats to a bowl of food, Graffiti artists lurch out of the woodwork towards the sorted cans. They begin tagging the surrounding shipping containers. Shiny Shoes rolls a giant decrepit disco ball across the empty lot. The mirrors softly plink as they fall, brittle glass crumbling into shards on the dark pavement."


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3 Strategies for Healing the Trauma Shakes

If you've ever endured extreme trauma, you've probably experienced what the veterans of bitter-life call, "the shakes." They start as hypertension, usually in the shoulders and upper-neck. These tension spurts increase with intensity, forcing spasms down into the entire body. These shakes are a common symptom of extreme anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. They can be cured. In fact, even if you suffer from complex PTSD (multiple repeated traumas), you can be cured.

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The Shees of the Ectoplasgasm


The Pluribos:

It is a time of yearning. The great Cordyceps Galaxy continues their age old war. For eons, the Pluribos and the Cantos have fought, divided over Eros. Once united as a single race, now grotesquely mutated in two, the shed of their blood and shards of their bones grows heavy with magnitude, amassing into the prophesied Death Toroid. Building gravity now, it threatens to swallow all creation whole like a back-alley Dirkon strumpet.

The Pluribos: stoic, rigid, ignorant to their kinks.

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