Claim your genius


a creative liberation course in

vocal chaos magic with



Registration is closed but will reopen this fall!

Classes are held online, LIVE, every Wednesday night for 6 weeks. Classes will be recorded for future-viewing.

Expect profoundly transformational homework and dares.


the curriculum

week #1.

vocal technique

Each class begins with powerful breath work and a compassion cultivation meditation. You'll learn a Tantric Buddhist breathing technique called Electric Fire (Tummo). Then we'll deep dive into advanced vocal techniques: yodels, trills, ululations, vibrato, and anatomy. Expect a super playful exploration of tone and cultural stylings.


week #2.

Character Styling + Shapeshifting + glamours

In this class we'll explore various performance and character styles and we'll identify how the various styles serve different social situations. We'll explore the essence of charisma magic and play with drawing attention with presence and emptiness using the multiple charisma modalities. Discover the subtle expression queues of our key archetypes and develop a keen sense of ego glamours.


week #3.

ritual performance and altruism

Develop powerful rituals that transform your stage and song-craft into highly influential performances. Discover compassion magic and the power of interactive pattern violations. Explore altruistic expression and balance shyness! Enroll others into our ritual missions through charisma magic and connective compassion. We'll explore a bit of mandala design, mantra magic, hypnosis techniques and American folk magic.


week #4.

the freak-charmer method

Radically embrace fate. We all have parts of ourself we'd rather not love. We all contend with objectionable realities. We all have desires that are inevitably bound to equally strong, contrasting aversions. We'll bring balance to the contrast by deep diving into our shadows and meeting our freak-show "monsters" with rich, freak-nasty compassion.


week #5.

Channeling + genius + archetype magic

All our work begins to culminate as we dive deeper into our key archetypes, giving them voices and languages all their own. There will be dares! Learn the art of channeling the preposterous profundity of your heart's wisdom. Tap into the heart of your key archetypes and nurture the genius birthed from the farthest outskirts of your soul. 


week #6.

Alchemy + amalgamation

Our deep work and techniques are put to the task as we design performances that serve the genius of our hearts. We'll draw on our genius and honor the freakier profundities with performance ritual. The power is in the vulnerability. The power is in our truth. We'll explore various ways to design a public ritual and we'll explore the practical applications of our efforts... because


the world needs our magic, now more than ever.

the world needs our heart-song... our truth.



free your voice

wrangle your creative genius

liberate your most authentic expressions

Dramatically reduce unconscious negativity and performance anxiety,

while drastically increasing your ability to express your most authentic, freaky, genius creations.

We'll explore Tantric Buddhist breath work, mandala design, mantra creation and recitation, advanced vocal techniques, ritual performance art,  American folk magic, and much more.

This class is for you if:

  • You're ready to take responsibility for your power and commit to life saving disciplines
  • You know you're gifted and talented but have trouble believing in yourself
  • You compare yourself to other super-creators and shrink back your own gifts
  • You struggle with stage-fright and performance anxiety
  • You're comfortable with your voice but you're not so secure with your magic and you want more power
  • You're comfortable with your magic but not so secure with your voice and you want more power
  • You want the presence and influence of a super-star sorcerer but are afraid of that power

This class is NOT for you if:

  • You don't see the exponential rewards of cultivating deep self-awareness

  • You aren't willing to practice life-changing disciplines and rituals

  • You're more committed to playing victim than playing sorcerer

  • You're not willing to feel fear and be vulnerable anyway 

  • You take lots of online courses and never finish (this requires dedication)

  • You don't really believe in magic or yourself

  • You aren't willing to be completely responsible for your sorcery or creations