Miami Art Basel

Art Basel
This year in Miami, Art Basel was impressive. Boasting works from over 250 galleries, trying to see them all was impossible. However, walking around amongst the rows and rows of galleries, certain trends start to stick out.
Whether it was neon colors in paintings like the project in DE-camouflaging camouflage, or Andrea Galvani's wall of lit up blue lettering, bright fluorescent lighting and colors was most certainly a trend this year. Consistently "why neon" came up with the most interesting answers of the show, including, "he's colorblind," though the common theme for the usage of neon was to show contrast with the natural world, as neon rarely exists in the natural world.  

Light Sculptures
Overlapping a bit with the neon lettering, light sculptures were clearly trending. From Dara Friedman's piece which attempts to turn film into still life, to David Batchelor's 'petrol-chemical color' sculptures, light was a source of inspiration for many artists.

Nature vs. Technology
A trend that mirrors the era we're finding ourselves in, the conceptual question of 'how does technology interact with nature' was almost omnipresent. From the incredibly surreal,  almost disturbing images of Japanese artist Koichi Enmoto, to the beautiful incorporation of past and present through use of modern object and native plants by Rodrigo Bueno, the question hung heavy.

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