Subliminal Fetishes

Discover Your Creative Genius and Subconscious Desires

with Amanda Raby

Is your magic not working? Experiencing influence blocks? Self-discovery is key. By the end of this 2-part series, you’ll have a super-charged life-hack that can be your go-to, self-discovery technique for revealing your true will and liberating your creative genius.

In Part 1 of this series you'll learn the Tantra-inspired self-discovery technique in the weird new game show, "What Makes You Nervous!?" Watch this first to get the DL. This is psycho-magic at its best.

Part-2 is the meditation. Its an essential practice where you can put the tools to use in a guided meditation called ROBOT LOVER INVASION. Save it to your YouTube Meditation Playlist so you can watch it again and again.

This series was initially inspired by Brad Warner’s book Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between. In this book, a punk-rock Zen Buddhist monk takes us on a journey through strip clubs, bondage, and Star Trek, the Next Generation. Warner reminds us of the Star Trek episode wherein

Data is suddenly programmed to have preference.

This chapter kinda changed my life… and inspired the meditation, Robot Lover Invasion. This perspective is aligned with the mind-training teachings of the great bodhisattva, Atisha.

“He had unshakeable, firm, one-pointed concentration that could last for years—even if hundreds of rockets were flying nearby they couldn’t disturb or shake his meditation.”

~Lame Yeshe

Atisha teaches: like a rushing river, thoughts may rush in the rapids or babble as in the brooks. We can objectively observe the river of thoughts without getting wet. In the same way we may observe our thoughts as a machine may observe our human-selves.

So most of Part 2 was inspired by Warner, and Atisha, but Part 1 was primarily inspired by Tantric Buddhism and the idea of karmic subscriptions, a.k.a. subliminal fetishes… or as the wondrous Carolyn Elliot coined, existential kink.

This was a really hard one to wrap my head around when I first started practicing magic, but its absolutely key to releasing victim mindsets and taking responsibility for loving my fate. Why should we take responsibility for our fate?

You see, if we are to step into the archetype of the magician, witch, sorcerer, or Jedi we must obliterate all defeatist thoughts. A lack of self confidence, or shame is the number one killer of all magic. Undifferentiated faith is more powerful than any belief. In order to cultivate that faith, we must learn to fall in love with our fate. No small feat for many.

The biggest objection I had to this concept rested with the orphans. I thought, “Did they create this fate? Did they subconsciously ask to starve on the streets while their whole culture dismisses them as varmints? What if they die before cultivating the consciousness to realize fate?” How can we be in love with that fate, or ask them to be?

Their consciousness is much closer to that of the Anima Mundi, or oversoul. We see and feel the separation in their eyes. We see the imbalance. The polarity of the extreme inspires righteous action to erect a balance. It may be nature’s way of forcing its own evolution of consciousness.

Here and now, I declare: When Enchantments reaches the goal of $250,000 in profits, we will donate 10% of profits to getting orphanages set up with sustainable farming businesses.


There were many times in my childhood I thought I might become an orphan. It was often my greatest fear - to be sent off to scrub floors and be forgotten. And every time things turned out OKish, my compassion swelled and I cried, “But what about the kids who are there?” An answer never came. They were forgotten. And like so many in need, they’re still forgotten.

But we have the where-with-all to love the smaller things - the parts of ourselves that are so deeply wounded they can’t be seen, the beings in the animal kingdom threatened by mass pollution, the desolate and despairing. Imagine the free energy you’ll have when you’ve learned to completely love all parts of yourself and your fate. Imagine what potential you’ll muster when you’re no longer vexed by egoic self-grasping.

After all, who are you to woo the earth below? Heaven know. #youarethespell

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