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Hero’s journey of a botched clone

A clone’s mythic journey

by Strega

Artist Alexis Themistocleous presented his first solo exhibition – “From Evolution to Revolution” –  at the Morfi Gallery, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Theo-Mass’ cinematic exhibitions transformed gallery spaces into genetic testing labs outfitted with incubators & fetuses.

Themistocleous’ journey as an artist has developed into a narrative entitled “A Superhero Is Born”. Inspired by his own genetic mutation, he births a haite-esoterica superhero, Theo-Mass Lexileictous.

Claiming the nomenclature translates to “The God of the Masses” (“Theo” refers to the Greek word “Θεός”, “God”), Theo-Mass is indeed the mutation of a scientist, brought to life after a toxic explosion, during the “From Evolution to Revolution” cloning experiment that also caused the mutation of the freakish fetuses in the lab-spaces he recreates.

Designer of a new currency, Theo-Mass dollars, Theo-Mass attempts to gain financial power.


The narative goes something like this:
Alexis Themistocleous, a.k.a. Theo-Mass is a superhero who escaped from a comic book, leaving its pages blank. Currently living in the “real world,” he’s on a journey to make it back to his 2-D homeland.


In his episodic adventures, Theo-Mass fashions tell his illustrative story. Inspired primarily by fashion photographers and stylists such as Nick Knight, Ruth Hogben, Pierre Debusschere, Robbie Spencer, Panos Yiapanis and many more, Theo-Mass designs his exhibitions to maximize the experiential plight of a botched GM cloning experiment.

With works featured in the  "ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion" at the Benaki Museum, Theo-Mass exhibited mutated fetuses that escaped their incubators after an explosion.

His narrative continues in leading the military training of 50 international soldier. The recruiting process is currently the artistic process

Image credits: 
Photography: Yannis Bournias
Costumes, Props & Masks: Alexis Themistocleous
Make-Up & Hair: Vassilis Stratigos
Jackets: Sotiris Georgiou
Collaboration: Dimitra Spyropoulou 
Make Up Assistant: Dimitris Christodoulou
Retouching: Stella Andronikou

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