'Valhalla" Masks by Shin Murayama


Shin Murayama

Altruistic Trash Wizardry

Freak-Charming with re-purpose

by Strega

Born in Niigata, Japan in 1977, artist Shin Murayama launches his clothing collections in Japan, London and Hong Kong. In 2004 he started selling his designs in a Harajuku - located boutique called IsReal Store, a name inspired by Yoko Ono's fictional art gallery.


Since then Shin's creations have been widely exhibited in major galleries and art spaces around the world, with his mask series Valhalla, on the top of his most succesful projects. The collectable, surrealistic masks are a combination of DIY aesthetics and theatrical props, inspired by nature and the dark future of our planet, with ironic titles like Sock EaterShoe Face and Mandrill Nose. Their proceeds go to Designers Against Aids.


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