Brutal Knitting

Tracy Widdess hooks and pulls with

Brutal Knitting

Wearable fetishes imbued with soul.

by Strega

Tracy Widdess of Brutal Knitting turned yarn into an incredibly knitted mask based on a drawing by artist Stéphane Blanquet. Converting a 2D drawing to a knitted 3D object can be harder than it looks and Widdess spent several hours a day for over a month working on this piece using hand and machine knitting techniques.

This is psycho-magic genius at its best.

Widdess’ focus on fetish-like creature-masks evokes an air of Voodoo, drawing inspiration from other artist’s renderings. Her reverence for capturing the heart of an artist’s work is exemplified in hours of laborious hooks and pulls, each one imbuing the mask with spirit.

She reaches deep into the mind of her artist inspirations, creates a sacred space for the being, and devotes precious time and craftsmanship to the being.

The end result: wearable archetypes you can fully embody. We recommend commissioning Widdess to render a heart-felt sketch of one of your more abandoned selves. #YouAreTheSpell

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