Lightning Dancing 101

I practiced calling the wind like a Yaqui maiden. I sang to the storms as a beloved sorceress. I witnessed the lightning strike in time to my crescendo, a testament to my revelry for the great sky-father. I witnessed myself a catalyst, daughter to a clear conduit. The ultimate catalyst: allowing my electric heart to rouse my gratitude into a dance with my sorrow and witness the heavens dancing with my bitter joy.

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Wastedlands 2

B. Lembitz covers the Art Basel Screening of Wastedlands 2.

"Gruff Man continues throwing paint cans while a tall man in shiny shoes and sequined short-shorts explains why he and his crew need to bring a van through the screening-range. Gruff man dismissively nods and continues sorting his cans. Like stray cats to a bowl of food, Graffiti artists lurch out of the woodwork towards the sorted cans. They begin tagging the surrounding shipping containers. Shiny Shoes rolls a giant decrepit disco ball across the empty lot. The mirrors softly plink as they fall, brittle glass crumbling into shards on the dark pavement."


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