The Grotesque Nylon Sculptures of Rosa Verloop


Grotesque Nylon Sculptures of

Rosa Verloop

Photos: courtesy of the artist, except for second from top by Ed Jansen at Zomer Expo 2012 - via Ed Jansen’s flickr

We’ve seen clown-folk and performance artists stuffing their nylon guts with filament and baubles, but Dutch artist, Rosa Verloop, takes weird costuming to sculpted hauntings.

We LOVE these sculptures. Yes, they are creepy, but this is expected of just about any nylon art. The first time I saw this art-form was while parading with my clown friends in Ojai, California. Dango, of Mango and Dango, had gifted himself a hefty set of biceps and voluptuous thighs. This would soon become a common practice amongst my peers. But I have never witnessed the degree of artistry exemplified in Verloop’s work.


Red threads become bulging corpuscles. A fold and tuck becomes a festering carbuncle. And with a twist, weather and wisdom is imbued into the flesh of the subject.

Verloosh sculpts both wearable art and stand-alone pieces. Ultimately, we love her work because it has so much spirit and it allows those whom wear her work to embody archetypes that have been abandoned by society. Her work allows freak charming to commence and magic to unfold.

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