siren Sorceress, Ritual Performance Artist, lightning dancer


Your creative genius is meant to be honored. Your process is meant to be honored! We'll work together to identify your divine process, your subconscious creations and your deeper truths. Expect rituals, daily practices, edgy dares and rich homework assignments. You will be empowered. You will be challenged. You will trust yourself more deeply through my exquisite, undivided attention. Take your power back now, or give it away with grace.

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I sing my electric heart song and shape-shift to muse the heavens abound. I entice the masses into elaborate healing rituals by playing to our compassionately connected true will.  My first priority is the facilitation and support of clear, electrical connections between our consciousness and our true will.

At 18 months old, I was initiated into the role of lightning dancer when my father was electrocuted by a dancing power line. Now I officiate the marriage between our electric hearts and earth spirit. I seek to strengthen the electrical, connective capacity of our tribal heart and heal the separation.

With more than 20 years experience as a multi-disciplinary vocalist, performance artist, and music producer, I've crafted magic in hearts across the globe, from music festivals to Hollywood hotels to healing ceremonies. I've been teaching vocal magic since 2010. I founded Enchantments Magazine in 2017 to empower myself and my fellow sorceress with a platform that supports the fullest expression of magic and creative genius.

It's time to embrace our power and heal the planet as one with our compassionately connected, electric hearts. We may not inhabit earth as a species much longer. It's imperative that we evolve our hearts and minds as one with the planet. My mythic journey to becoming a lightning dancer has gifted the unique perspective of elemental sentience. I'm thrilled by the power of our electric hearts. I've witnessed the power of compassion magic time and again. We can come true.

Mudita - Charmed photo series - art directed by Strega, photographed by  Alchemy Exposures

Mudita - Charmed photo series - art directed by Strega, photographed by Alchemy Exposures

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Personal TRIVIA

  • I'm a 7th Generation Daughter of the Republic of Texas - my ancestors drafted the first Texas Declaration of Independence.
  • Austin is my home base but I have a beach house on the Texas Coast. 
  • I still sleep with the teddy bear my dad gave me when I was a baby.
  • My paternal folks were natives and commercial fishermen - I've picked many crab claws and shelled many shrimp.
  • My maternal folks were bankers, teachers and lawyers - Southern hospitality and etiquette was imperative.
  • I served as an Art Director at design agencies in Dallas, Austin, and Los Angeles.
  • I was a Dallas housewife.
  • I love pecan crusted frog legs, blackened red snapper and cream of asparagus soup! Oh, and figs with mascarpone!
  • I spent every summer with my Grandparents - salt of the earth country folks
  • I'm disgusted by maggots and narcisists.
  • I'm hypnotized by the holographic harmonies that play between a singing bowl and my voice.
  • I can't stand it when the lid to a pot goes missing while I'm cooking.
  • I almost went into medical illustration in college.
  • I've recently self produced an album under a secret name.
  • My new favorite scent is Santal 33 by Le Labo.
  • I'm fascinated by the power of mushrooms to remediate pollution.
  • My home-town is a dolphin kingdom.
  • I love singing to the lightning more than anyone else because it sings back and its the best dancer.
  • I was once a professional aerialist - silks and trapeze.
  • I pee in my sink.
  • My favorite people in the world have all died.