Banish self doubt and aversion

with the power of the

Thunder diamond

A root practice for your magic

Fortify your foundation and fertilize your soil with the strength of diamonds and the force of thunder.


Use this spell to empower deeper meditations, strengthen personal integrity, pacify negativity, purify the mind, and gain an indestructible discipline in your magic practice.


Fight the battle ∞ taste the poison

win the weapon ∞ transmute the weapon

imbibe the poison ∞ harness the charm

purify the poison

You'll need:

Candles • Incense or Perfume • a sacred journal or special paper • a special pen

A bell (tribu) • A symmetrical handle (dorje)

For the dorje, consider using a double terminated crystal, a straight wooden stick, or even a double-sided, cut-glass doorknob. Your dorje will become the Thunder Diamond (Vajra).


This spell takes about an hour to complete.

Preparing for battle.jpg

Prepare for battle

Light your candles and incense to create a container for your spell. Make a sacred list of the aversions that distract you from a dedicated practice.. Use a special book/paper and pen. Consider, first, any broken vows or commitments to others. Then consider any broken commitments to yourself. Then consider any bad luck you may have collected from your words, thoughts and actions. Consider your worthiness. Consider the nature of your being. Dig deep and be honest with yourself. This practice is especially helpful if you are easily distracted in meditation by negative thoughts. 

Settle into a comfortable meditation spot and begin with the Electric Fire Technique. Dedicate your spell to be in service to all beings. Speak it out loud, slowly and deliberately, paying close attention to the tone of your intention. Consider reciting this dedication with unique tone or song.

Hold the bell (tribu) in your left hand to represent the feminine (inner-knowing, receptivity, wisdom). Hold the handle (dorje) in your right hand to represent the masculine (indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity).

The tribu and dorje work together to prevent the disassociation. With practice you will transmute every poison on your list into wisdom. If you've broken a vow, struggle with guilt, or fear commitment, this practice will serve you best.

Practice reciting the 100 syllable mantra at least once every night. Practice the Electric Fire Technique every morning.

taste the poison.jpg

Taste the poison

Ring the bell (tribu.) Allow the sound to call wisdom into the hollow spaces of your body. Call wisdom energy into the sound through hollow shape of the tribu and into the silent space after the sound.

Allow the poison of the distracting negativity to naturally rise through the hollow space in your meditation. Bring the handle (dorje) to your heart to help you bring full presence to the poison. Do not try to subdue the poison or logically think it away. Breath along with the poison through the dorje. As you witness the dorje's strength before your heart, it becomes a weapon of compassion.  If the poison feels too vicious for the compassion of your heart, hold the dorje above your crown.  Here you may witness the poison with the more wrathful poise of your crown.

Allow the tribu to ring wisdom into the hollow space, hollow silence, and hollow sound surrounding the poison. With the strength of the dorje protecting you, taste the poison and witness the flavor in the hollow space of the tribu's space, sound, and silence. 

When you feel you've tasted the full nature of the poison, the dorje becomes your weapon of compassion.

Imagine a thunderous clap emanating between your heart and the dorje.  The dorje weapon gives you the strength of thunder to fully imbibe the poison with the strength of your heart. Feed the poison your heart as you savor the heart of the poison in the emptiness of the tribu.


Invoke Purification

You must now transform your weapon of compassion into a purification charm.

Recite the 100 syllable mantra 20 times. As you recite the mantra, visualize the great conception of purification:

Imagine the dorje sends a thunder clap high above your head, calling to the God and Goddess of Purification (Vajrasattva). They are making life on a moon and lotus. Their flesh is made of thunderous radiant light. 

Their pure bliss erupts with thunderous glowing nectar, blasting down from their hearts like lightning when they hear your mantra. Through the echoing tone of your words, their blissful light strikes down through your central core like electric thunder. It enters your body and refracts rainbow prisms. The prism light shatters the dark poison within you, shifting colors like laser beams to penetrate the darkness. The lasers cut away the coal from the diamond strength of your being. The light powers down through your crown, your brain, your throat, heart, gut, sacrum and down to your root where it strikes the ground. The poison is cleaved away with thunderous lighting, exposing the indestructible diamond truth of your being. Your dorje becomes the Thunder Diamond.

Ring the tribu and witness the hollow space in the light of the Thunder Diamond within you. Witness the gift of the poison as it transmutes into wisdom. Vow to dedicate your newfound wisdom to serve of all beings. Write your wisdom down and snuff out your candles. Thank the deities and yourself.

Note: This prerequisite should be continued throughout your path as a sorcerer, even as you advance to greater stages of enlightenment. As the seasons change, your soil needs continuous amending. The same is true for your magic practice. Tend the soil = stronger roots = greater growth.

This practice is based on Vajrasattva, a preliminary (ngöndro) to high-grade tantric initiation. Vajrasattva is a bodhisattva in the MahayanaMantrayana/Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. The original practice should be honored explicitly in order to preserve the Tantric yoga lineages. To deepen your practice and honor the tradition, please enjoy reading, "The Preliminary Practice of Vajrasattva", by Lama Yeshe.