Saturnalian greenback trap

This step-by-step magic spell harnesses the structure and discipline of Saturn to charm abundance and prosperity.

Craft this spell with an accountability buddy!

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step 1.

penny smashers

destroy your money on a saturday

So, you think you want to be rich? Right! And you're a divine being. So why aren't you dripping with diamonds?

It's highly likely that you don't actually want to be rich on a sub-conscious level. Like an iceberg, your subconscious has way more mass than you conscious mind. In order to give your subconscious yearnings for poverty a break, you must do two things:

A. Become 100% conscious of all subconscious yearnings for poverty

B. Give that part of yourself exactly what she desires: poverty

The Dual Bliss Battle

Light and candle and burn your incense. Ring a bell. Spend a few minutes grounding into your root. See yourself completely empowered and embodied and filthy loaded rich. Imagine this self is seated just front and left. When you have a clear picture of what that self looks like, imagine another self, split out to the front and right. This other self, is flat-broke and struggling to survive. (Imagine the scene from Lord of the Rings when Gollum has his split personality conversation.)

Imagine these two selves resent each other and they've got some shit talking to do. Give each of them a voice and space to express and retort to the other. Allow each of them to be as bitter as they need in order to be fully expressed in this moment.

The conversation may get ugly and you may want to stop. If you feel like disassociating, imagine your right hand is filled with a weapon of truth that gives you strength to stay with your shadows. Ring your bell again to call wisdom. When your subconscious selves have said all, take a few minutes to thank each one for their courage and vulnerability. All sweet nectar of compassion to build in your heart for each self. It builds so much that it erupts and they absorb back into your body. Ring the bell to complete the meditation.

Use a special pen and a special paper to list out all the reasons why the poor self resents being wealthy. Fold the paper into an envelope and fill it with 13 pennies from your piggy bank to represent all the "bad luck" you've had with money. 


Train Track Piggy Bank Piggy Back

Ride your bike or jog (drive if you must) to the nearest train track. You might even sing "Train Track Piggy Bank Piggy Back" along the way to give your spell more ear-wig power. Find a spot on the track where you'll easily remember to find again. Carefully place your bad luck pennies on the track. Each time you put one down, understand that its value will be transformed and it may never be found again. Once your pennies are firmly staged on the track, sing the follow three declarations:


A. my money's karma is staged for transmutation.

B. I renounce attachment to my current money karma

C. I renounce my expectations of the way my transmuted money karma will show up in the world

Do not stick around for the train! You don't want flying pennies to take out your eye. Also, it is illegal to deface currency. Enchantments Magazine is not accountable for any related legalities. By following these steps, you agree that you are doing so on your own volition, in sound mind.


step 2.

7 structures, 7 rings

Roll up your sleeves, pull your hair up, get shit done

Saturn is the task master and tasking we shall do! As you implement each structure, honor the container of your work by lighting a candle at the beginning and snuffing it at the end. Dedicate a respectable amount of time to your structure each day.


Structure 1: eagle's-eye strategy

Roast a money squash. Kuri squash or butternuts are great! Use cinnamon and salt for extra money. Embellish as needed for extra money. As you digest, allow yourself to be moved by the knowing that you now have the means to create a life of blissful compassion and lucid joy. Write down your life at age 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, and so forth. Consider every aspect of each corner of the earth. See it 5 years from now. 3 years from now. 2 years from now. 1 year from now. 6 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month. Allow the distant future to guide your inspirations all the way down into the present moment. The closer it gets to the present moment, the more people tend to resist. Thats a good sign. Just keep allowing yourself to play!

If you have trouble imagining unlimited resources at your disposal, visualize the sun gleaming on your smashed pennies to remind you that your money karma has been transmuted. 


Structure 2: inventory

You probably have money squash left-overs. Eat them! Do not let your money meals go to waste. As you digest, allow yourself to take account of where you spend your money and all the little things you have that you don't use. If you aren't inspired to use or enjoy the thing, clear it out. Take it to the homeless people down the way or bag it up for an E-Bay seller. If you are inspired to use it, do it within the next 6 days. Pretend like it's Christmas.  Enjoy the jams and beans in the back of your cupboards. Enjoy the weird jewelry you cling to so dearly. Lavish yourself with the riches you keep. 

Budget for the bare minimum (poor girl/boy / beans 'n rice) lifestyle, review your budget for everything else and assess how much you can logically invest in a quick return business. Consider that the more you sacrifice for your investment, the more you'll gain in the life of your dreams. 


Structure 3: clairvoyant Glamor

Eat some money cabbage: Sauté purple cabbage with green apples in a bit of spiced apple sauce and butter. While digesting, make a vision board or collage art of your life over the course of the next year as you embody your eagle's-eye strategy.

Make a board of products and services that share similar values and qualities to the aspect of your life you will need to create first. Try to I.D. what you like about other people's branding and write it in the comments of the picture below. Look at photography styling, logos, supporting typography, textures, overlays and supporting graphics. Let yourself be moved and excited about how you will present your creation. The better notes you take on each pin, the more information a professional designer will have to strategically target your brand.

You'll eventually need to create the following branding assets: logo, logo(reversed), logo colored, logo glyph, logo horizontal/vertical, tagline (if needed), supporting typography (headers 1,2,3, body, quote), photo-styling guideline, photo-tone guidelines, supporting graphics and illustrations, and lastly, copy-tone guidelines.

You can create a stellar brand similar to the ones you love on Pinterest. There is no need to reinvent the wheel of good design. Good design is simple, evocative and harkens to a style. You can build a really beautiful website on SquareSpace. If you'd rather trust the taste and experience of a pro, do your research and understand that you often get what you pay for. A designer who asks lots of questions is usually more experienced and experience valuable. Look for a diverse portfolio demonstrating lots of different industries and brands. Look for a diverse skill-set with experience in web design and social media marketing. Make sure you get the mother files to all your branded assets. Expect to invest about $700-$2000 for a mid-level designer to develop your basic branded assets. An agency would charge between $3,000-$5,000. Do NOT use fiver unless you want to drive American wages down more.

If you'd like to hire a design and marketing consultant, we have a stellar media wizard recommendation.  Send us an email.


Structure 4: Diamond Strength + Diamond Clarity

Nosh that leftover cabbage and as the sustenance nourishes your body, allow yourself to be enchanted by the spirit of Saturn. Let yourself be excited and moved by the new technologies you'll be learning in your new path. Fortify faith in your offering by creating a mandala that represents your wealth in your creative expression and career. Draw it in the dirt. Paint it on a canvas. No matter. Just make sure it embodies your intention.

Take 40 long inhales and exhales though your mouth in front of the mandala, breathing life into it. Do this three times, holding your breath between each round. As you breath, feel Saturn's tactical strength, discipline and poise merging with your poor-girl/boy archetype, like a loving father or kinky, dominant lover. He guides you to the exact tactics needed to be done to achieve your goals.

You now absorb the boss sorcerer archetype into your being. Make an offering to your mandala in the same way that a dominatrix offers her submissive orders to obey. To deeply fortify the agreement, recite the 100-Syllable Purification Incantation.

As you make an offering to your mandala, you become both the dom and the sub - both the boss and intern. You receive your daily orders as an intern from Saturn through the mandala. Then you absorb Saturn into your heart and become the boss that guides the intern to execute throughout the day. Do this every morning of each work day.


Structure 5: Turkey's eye Strategy

Now that you've made your big picture plan, you'll need to dive down to the ground level and get your hands dirty playing big.

You've identified how to get to your long-term goals by the years, all the way down to 6 months. Now you'll do a ground level strategy for the next 14 weeks.

Identify the top three goals you wish to achieve in the next three months. Identify the top three progress marks that you'll need to get to in order to achieve each of the three goals. Identify the top three actions you'll need to achieve in order to win each progress mark. Try to break it down via month or measure your results by month

For example:

Goal #1: Become a Powerful Sorceress

Progress Marks:

Month 1: Master electric fire technique with 3:00 minutes of breath retention,

Month 2: By the end of this month-I, will have read 1600 pages of the Wisdom Library, starting today

Month 3: By the end of this month-I, I will have recited the Vajrasattva Incantation 1000 times.

Actions - Monthly Progress Mark 1:

Dedicate 1 hour each morning to my practice • Dedicate 5 of the daily Vajrasattvas to helping me stay dedicated in this practice • Dedicate 2 of my 3 rounds to the service of others

Actions - Monthly Progress Mark 2:

Dedicate 1 hour each night to studying the archives • Take stellar notes in cool bookmark papers • Dedicate 5 of the daily Vajrasattvas to helping me stay dedicated in this practice.

Actions - Monthly Progress Mark 3:

Practice Vajrassatvas 12 times a day (the last two are dedicated to self-love) • Create a lovely garden spot for practice • Develop Instructional Video and Infographic of the Thunder-Diamond technique to strengthen dharma practice

Apply the above template to all three top-level goals. Feel free to borrow Strega's goal.

Now you have a framework for where you should be spending your time over the course of the next 3 months. Each day, write down your 3 top level goals. Write down your top 3 daily actions needed to achieve your Progress Marks. Write down your gratitudes.

Be gentle with yourself! At the end of each day, write down your top three lessons learned and how you'll improve.  Write your top three wins. Write your top three gratitudes.


Structure 6: PLant your seeds

Your first day taking action on your top three goals instills integrity in all following days. As you achieve your daily tasks, take time to celebrate and thank Saturn for his guidance in your life. Prepare an elaborate meal and dedicate it to Saturn's presence and guidance. Dedicate the desert to yourself in sweet appreciation for the tasks you completed this day.

If you have taking action, visualize the sun gleaming on your smashed pennies to remind you that your money karma has been transmuted. Also, trust resistance as a measure that you are on the right path. You are literally rewiring your poor girl/boy cognitions and patterns so resistance is absolutely appropriate and should be appreciated. If you give in to the resistance, your integrity may become shaky. You can strength your vows and heal your integrity with the  100-Syllable Purification Incantation.

Trust the process and give yourself lots of compassion along the way. The greater the resistance, the greater the rewards.



Structure 7: copper hunting

Enjoy a fruitful breakfast to honor your day of Saturnalian ritual. 

Ride your bike to the train tracks where you left your pennies. When you arrive, do a little song and dance to honor the power of this new sacred space. Look around for your smashed pennies. Look for the gleam of the sun's rays against the rusty copper. With each new copper round you find, take time to hold it and take in the new unique shape. Gaze into it and discover the way your karma around money has changed. 

step 3.

proper copper

When wealth's made new, leave credit where due

Sacrifice your first found copper round the spirit of Saturn in gratitude for his support.

Sacrifice your second found copper round to Venus who is VERY fond of copper.

Sacrifice your third found copper round to Vajrasattva (Purification Buddha) to strengthen your commitments and integrity.

Dedicate your fourth found copper round to your new creation. Etch or carve a sigil, letter or logo into the metal. Place it on your altar or on your work desk.

Dedicate all the other found copper rounds to wisdom. Bundle them into a tiny thin bag using a special thin cloth that represents wealth wisdom to you. Tie it with a purple(royalty) string. Use the mojo as a ritual bell (tribu) at the beginning and end of your practices and carry it with your to big meetings and events for prosperity.

Hear the cool copper jingle your new wealth karma into the hollow spaces of existence when it sounds. The hollow spaces in your (tribu) are filled with sound and wisdom. The silence after the sound is filled with wisdom.

Jingle your tribu as you write down the tasks that will achieve your goals. Jingle it to celebrate the execution of the tasks. Ring it and let yourself be moved in gratitude for your karmic transformation and the support of the deities. 

Keep faith that money will flow so long as you're subconscious mind is aligned with your most joyous and compassionate expression. Your greenbacks be trapped!

Blessings and rich lessons