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week 5. bottling the djinn

channeling, genius cultivation, archetype integration

Muse magic

All our work begins to culminate as we dive deeper into our key archetypes, giving them voices and languages all their own. There will be dares! Learn the art of channeling the preposterous profundity of your heart's wisdom. Tap into the heart of your key archetypes and nurture the genius birthed from the farthest outskirts of your soul.

homework - week 5.

Post a Facebook Live video of yourself reciting your dream speech letter. Remember our group is private and it has a magical spell of protection. Whomsoever posts their shares receives extra blessings. 

For extra credit, post a video of yourself speaking in gibberish and share the sigil and the phrase that birthed your sigil.


Week 5 - Lesson 1.

dream speak

milking your heart for genius

Genius lives in many places. Milk it from your heart. Draw it down from the heavens. Overturn a stone and, "LO! Genius!" This week, we'll cover a few tried and true methods for cultivating genius.

The dream-speak method relies heavily on the wisdom of our own heart for genius. Our culture places so much emphasis on producing genius, time and time again. The pressure alone is enough to stunt our growth. It is not nurturing. Therefore, is very important to nurture the genius of our hearts by following their (our heart's) instructions explicitly.

A letter to your heart

Make sacred space by lighting a candle or 12 and setting a timer. In five minutes time, write a letter to your heart. Ask it to reveal the truth to some of your more profound quandaries. Inquire as though you were writing to your very best friend, lover, or guardian angel. Make your letter heart-felt and vulnerable. When the timer goes off, finish your sentence and sign your name.

It is recommended to hand write your letter, in your best penmanship, and decorate your letter like a Valentine.

You may set another timer for decoration purposes if you really want to charm your heart to tell you the truth of your soul.

take a break

Take a walk through nature or sit on the ground outside. The idea here is to get out of the sacred space and out of the ritual wherein your are writing to your heart. You are clearing the slate to receive. Try electric fire breath-work, or a salted bubble bath or anything that cleanses your energetic palette. 

dream speak

Create another sacred space for your dream-speak practice. Light your candles and incense. Say a prayer, or invite your ascended guides and guardians to facilitate a clear channel for your dream-speak. Reread your letter. You may set a timer to reply. This time you will write a response to each line of your letter in dream-speech.

This is the kind of speech Lewis Carol used in "Through the Looking Glass." Its weird and wondrous and nonsensical. It may only make sense to you. It should sound preposterous and poetic and true, all the same. Take a pause after your read each line from your lover letter. Pause and recieve an inkling of truth, then write the first thing that comes to mind, and do not worry about perfect zpellings or grammmmarion.

Here's a short excerpt from some of some of my dream-speech:

"Ye gnarly fizzlestrumps beg for yar kisses. The beast of the motte howls y climbs high. Answer her calls. The fog lingers low where you lie. You milk the utterly potent steam, the air o' that which wants to be born." 

I won't tell you exactly what this means to me, cognitively, but I will tell you what I did with it.

Follow the instructions

Now that you have your response, honor that wisdom by doing exactly what your heart tells you to do. Realizing that it may be entirely impossible to follow the instructions exactly is where your genius comes in. How could I possibly, literally milk the heavenly fog? I was already doing it on some level, as I'd made a habit of running through mid-night swamp in my orange chiffon nightgown, with my cat (the beast of the motte). And yes, the nights were foggy. 

So to follow my heart's explicit instructions, I put on my orange gown and grabbed a few glass swing-top bottles and lied down beneath the fog, a.k.a. the air o' that which wants to be born. And what does one do with such air? Well I could capitalize on my packaging design skills and sell it as a commodity. So I came up with Potent Steam, one of my all time favorite projects. Sometimes I dress like a Cockney witch and sell it at festivals. I hope you love the preposterous profundity of my heart as much as I do.


Week 5 - Lesson 2.

channeling 101∞

Another way of cultivating genius is by looking outside yourself for inspiration. Many people think of genius as something you catch by the tail and bottle into a medium. In this case, we will use our voice and a recorder as the medium.

Gibberish jubile - Catching the djinn

Sing happy birthday, slowly, in as many fake languages as you possibly can.

Now, sing a sad tango or waltz in as many fake languages as you can. This time really let yourself feel the intention of the sadness.

Notice how removing the meaning behind the words leaves nothing but your intention and the sounds that please you most.

Now free flow in gibberish, choosing a melody that feels really good, letting your language and emotions guide the melody. 

Locking the Djinn

Mula Bandha (root lock)

Start with your lowest root bhanda (energy lock). Practice a Mula Bandha (root lock) by clenching the perineum muscles as you deeply inhale and exhale. Draw the djinn into your lock. Sink your voice as low as possible. Try growling. Allow your Mula Bandha to dictate the pacing and styling of your gibberish. Train the djinn to play there in your root as you lock in the spirit. You may notice it sounds very primal, guttural, grounding - perhaps like a cross between a German grandmother and a wild badger.

Uddiyana Bandha (gut lock)

Now, train the djinn to climb up to your second bhanda, and lock in a Uddiyana Bandha (gut lock). Focus on the area just 4" below your naval. Try standing and bending forward. The inhale your lower belly as closely into your lower back as possible. It should feel like all your lower organs are "flying upwards" into your body. Notice the lower belly is engaged. You've found your Uddiyana Bandha. Now straighten out, but keep your Uddiyana Bandha engaged Draw the djinn into your lock. Play with different keys and pacing until you find a styling that feels really good to express from your gut.

Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock)

Now the djinn moves up to your Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock). In Sanskrit jal means throat, jalan means net, and dharan means stream or flow. Thus in the most basic sense, Jalandhara Bandha can be considered the throat lock that controls the flow of energy in the nerves and blood vessels of the neck. 

To find Jalandhara Bandha sit up tall, either in a comfortable cross legged position or on your shins with your butt on your heals. Place the palm of your hands on your knees. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, then bring your chin towards your neck and lift your sternum ever so slightly. Press down on your hands and straighten your elbows, pull your chin back further, and retain as long as possible. Draw the djinn into your lock. To exit lift your chin, inhale the remainder of capacity into your lungs, and exhale.

Now that you've found your Jalandhara Bandha, practice guiding the Djinn to emote through your Jalandara both locked and unlocked. Play with the variance and how it effects your breath, your ability to express, your pitch, your style. 

Maha Bandha (Great Lock)

Maha in Sanskrit means great, and Maha Bandha is the combination of all three aforementioned bandhas.

Sit in a comfortable seat, on your shins or cross legged, palms of the hands on the thighs or knees. Inhale fully through your nose, and exhale completely through your nose. Squeeze squeeze squeeze until every last drop is out. Without inhaling engage Mula Bandha, then find Uddiyana Bandha. Inhale a tiny bit and lift your chest, and from there engage Jalandhara Bandha. Retain, pressing your palms down, as long as possible. When you have had enough, lift your head, inhale fully, and release all the bandhas. Draw the djinn into your lock.

Maha Bandha gives the benefits of all three bandhas and regulates the entire endocrine system. Now that you've locked your djinn into your body, allow it to emote or sing naturally. 


Practice the bandha locks when you are feeling low on energy, wisdom, inspiration, or creativity.

Bottling the djinn

Now, pull out a voice memo recorder on your phone. Notice how the energy of recording your gibberish alters the free flow. Practice playing with the spotlight of your recorder and know that no one in the world but you may ever hear it. Please yourself by simply making sounds and words that feel good to your body and soul.

Your recorder will serve as your bottling device. Trust the weirdness as you record. Trust that your djinn will grant you wishes in the end.


Now that you have your recording, listen to it carefully. You may light a candle and call in a clear interpretation. Does it sound like you're saying "Pass me the butter and cheese? or "Pashmina utter a tease?" or "fast ye now, water n' ease." It doesn't have to match exactly. This is part of the fun.

Your interpretation is part of the fun. Gibberish is a great tool for songwriting because it lays the euphonic foundation of your composition. You can plug in lyrics to match the gibberish after the groove is established and then you have a song that you thoroughly enjoy singing.

Wish granting

Write a question or a wish request to your djinn by light of a sacred flame. Fold up the paper, dab it with a special kiss or perfume. Seal it and sit on it when you do your bandha locks. Allow the energy of the query to meet with the energy of the djinn as you lock them both into your body. Record your session, allowing the djinn to emote it's chaotic wisdom.

When your locks are complete, and you've recorded your djinn's song, practice the electric fire breath-work. 

As you practice the electric fire, imagine yourself as a deity or an ascended being. Imagine your highest self radiating light and love, wisdom and compassion to all beings around you. Compassionately allow any thoughts to just float by as teachers and draw your attention back to emanating as an enlightened being. Practice this visualization for all three rounds of the Electric Fire Technique.

When you are done, retain the embodiment of an ascended master and listen to your recordings. Write down the translations. They don't have to make a whole lots of sense out of the gate. Just write down the translation that feels most authentic and resonant to you. Sometimes humming along with the tune helps to align with the resonance and aids in translation.

Now that you have your translation, follow the instructions or make some form of art/song/performance or homage to your djinn.


Week 5 - LEsson 3.

chaos magic

sigils & archetypes

You have the foundational keys. You know how to emote. You know how to channel. Now we will deepen our practice and combine channeling and archetype magic with sigil magic.

sigil magic

A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Once constructed, your sigil acts as a satellite or magnet, drawing synchronicity into the poetic flow of your life. Folks used to use sigils as seals on their letters. Or they'd use them for protection against evil spirits at their door. You can paint it on your porch, inscribe it into your lap top, or tattoo it onto your forehead if you're really serious. Semi-permanent tattoos are also a great tool for sigil magic as they are customizable. You may press your sigil into candle wax or etch it into a candle and burn it daily. In short- your sigil acts like a miniature altar, doing the work that you've charged it to do.

Ideally your sigil would be "active" for a specific duration: 9 days, a moon-cycle, equinox to solstice, etc.

Archetype chaos sigils

Now that we've familiarized ourselves with channeling, genius cultivation, and the freak charmer method, we'll combine them all to archetype magic to draw our subconscious desires into the light of our consciousness.

This method will apply to one archetype but it is recommended to apply the technique to all of them. You can apply your archetype wheel to the zodiac and work with the Chronos archetype that falls in the corresponding Zodiac house of the Sun or Moon.

1. Choose an archetype and apply the freak charmer method. Start by combining the dream-speech technique with the Freak Charmer Technique by writing the archetype a letter to the heart of that archetype. You can choose your most rejected archetype, or you can choose another key player.

2. When you have completed your Freak Charmer "Contract Meditation", continue to hold that archetype into your heart-space.

3. Practice locking the genius (djinn) into your body.

4. Record yourself channeling the genius of your archetype, fully embodied as that character.

5. Stay embodied as your archetype and respond to your letter in Dream Speech.

6. Take a break to reground into your full self. Try yoga, a nature walk, hot bath, etc.

7 Practice your electric fire technique as explained in the "wish granting" section of this Week 5. Lesson 2.

8. Choose a gibberish phrase that feels particularly important. It should be the phrase that you feel exemplifies the fullest, most authentic expression and will of your archetype.

9. Sing or speak the phrase again and again and again as you write it down on a sacred page. Capture the melody and phonetics of the phrase in your own unique character designs. Repeat again and again until you have it written out in your own divine characters, alphabet or pictograms.

10. Overlay your characters on top of one another.

11. Eliminate the unimportant lines or the shapes that feel unnecessary to your archetypes genius message. Simplify the composition. You'll likely make several versions. Many people find using tracing paper helpful. It is helpful to continue repeating the gibberish phrase as your deconstruct your written characters. As you deconstruct, try to hold the feeling, emotion, and intention of the heart of your archetype in your heart. Hold the energy of the gibberish sentence in your body. This will help your sigil stay fully enchanted to your archetype.

12. Your sigil is created. Carefully place it in an important spot that will not go unnoticed. Feed it every day during the "activation period" of your choosing, with an offering or gesture. Some people use saliva, semen, perfume, squash seeds, chocolate pudding, rain water, incense smoke. You be the judge of what offerings would serve your archetype the most.

13. If necessary, practice the "Wish Granting" meditation again. The idea is to completely embody yourself as an ascended being. Return to your gibberish recordings and translate all the gibberish of your archetype into a language you understand. Feel free to include the phrase you used for your sigil. 

13. Combine the translations with your archetype's dream speech letter on a sacred paper. Consider drawing your sigil on the paper.

14. You now have your instructions as to how to integrate your archetype into your life with grace. As you design your art, rituals, songs, and/or performances, notice how your sigil burns into your memory and alerts you to the synchronicities that arise from your work.

Note: While these darker parts of ourself may dictate very dark instructions in our channeling, please understand that bringing harm to yourself or anyone else is not empowering and will ultimately drain your magic and your connectedness. Please be responsible with your words and actions as you design your rituals and ground them in compassion for all beings.

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