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week 6. alchemy and amalgamation

being seen, being heard, being worthy, being righteous

truth magic

Our deep work and techniques are put to the task as we design performances that serve the genius of our hearts. We'll draw on our genius and honor the freakier profundities with performance ritual. The power is in the vulnerability. The power is in our truth. We'll explore various ways to design a public ritual and we'll explore the practical applications of our efforts... because



homework - week 6.

Your homework is to feel the fear.

Allow yourself to really feel the experience the trauma -  the ultimate worst thing that could happen if you actually went through with a performance in public using the tools in this class.

Now, write down what success looks like. See yourself fully realizing that success. See yourself as a divine being, drawing in the rewards of your efforts and witnessing divine success.

Now, imagine yourself doing nothing, continuing on your current path without expressing your truth. Feel into how much it costs you to not follow through. Deeply feel how much it costs your mission. Feel how much it costs the people who would grow from witnessing your wild truth. Deeply feel how much it would cost you. Feel that fear to your core. Feel it from the depths of your heart until that fear motivates you and inspires you more than your fear of being seen and heard and judged.

As you design your ritual, you may encounter lots of doubts. Come back to the last paragraph in the homework assignment and allow yourself to be moved and motivated by the spiritual repercussions of NOT expressing your truest heart-song.


Week 6 - Lesson 1.


melting basic metals

Status quo stories. What are they? By now, you've probably journaled all about your smaller parts. You know your archetypes well. You probably have a very clear idea of how they play out in your life. You've done the Deity meditations that support your ability to "be" with these parts of yourself.

What's the main story you tell yourself on a daily basis that keeps you from feeling like an empowered, divine being?

What is your soul's purpose for that story? How does the story serve the archetypes that perpetuate the story? If you don't have the answers yet, keep practicing your thunder diamond meditations and keep "being" with the story, as a story.

Post your story and the key archetypes that tell the story to the facebook group. You are brave and your work is worthy of sharing!


the truth of our being is emptiness.

Non-duality is the quintessential truth. All else is fodder for reunion. Our karmic subscriptions and stories are the base metals that galvanize into our soul's gold. We incarnate to feel separate, to experience duality, and ultimately integrate and alloy the experience of non-duality back into omnipotent consciousness though our precious senses and expanded lizard brains!

The best way to galvanize the base-metal stories into our soul's gold is to carefully study the nature of the base metals. This is the archetype work, the dream-speech, the gibberish, the sigil magic. All the work we have been doing serves to gain clarity on the nature of our base metals in preparation for alchemy.

Giving a voice and expression to our "base metal" archetypes and their stories of separation allows us to compassionately feel into the subtle qualities of our personality. We better inform our transformation, our alchemy, our return to emptiness, oneness, gold.


2 meanings: A - to excite by electric shock, and B - to coat in zinc as a protective coating. We'll utilize both definitions proverbially.

Focus on the most pervasive "base metal" story you'd like to turn to gold. Identify the key archetype perpetuating that story. Choose from the Chronos section of your archetype wheel. Identify the two accompanying archetypes from Kairos and Cosmic section of your wheel.

Now featuring your freak-show performers.

Prepare for your electric fire meditation.

Dedicate your first round towards your Cosmic archetype. Focus your attention on their physical expression. How do they look? What do they wear? What will make them feel loved and accepted? How do they sing? Speak? Emote? Notice where the electric fire moves throughout your body as you receive these inklings of truth. Allow the electricity to inform your character development. After you finish this round, do a quick journal entry detailing your character's expression.

Dedicate the second round of electric fire breath-work to your Kairos archetype. Follow the same practice as the first round but this time focus all your attention on your Kairos character. Journal details when round 2 is complete.

Dedicate round 3 to your Chronos archetype. Journal when complete.

You may dedicate a fourth round to empowering yourself as a whole.

When complete, use the information you developed to design actual costumes for each of your archetypes. The costumes will serve as the "galvanizing zinc coating." The costumes will "protect" your archetypes and their sovereign identities. This will empower your archetypes to reveal the purpose behind the "base-metal" stories.

You've likely already created a sigil for one of your 3 archetypes from the last lesson. Consider adding two more and integrating the sigils into each character's costume.


In week 5, we explored integrating dream speech with gibberish. By now you'll have a rough script in gibberish and a rough script in dream speech. You'll have very explicit instructions on how to integrate your archetype. Review your Chronos archetype's instructions again, this time with your "base-metal" story in mind. Which set of instruction excites you the most? Which set of instructions feels like the most appropriate poetic expression for your archetype? The goal is to fully embody your key archetype so that they feel seen, heard, loved and accepted. Give them a space to teach you by following their instructions in a sacred container. You may also have some additional wisdom from your freak charmer practice. 

Practice your gibberish, djinn bottling, and dream-speak techniques to extract the wisdom expressions from your other two supporting archetypes.

Give each of your three archetypes, 20 minutes of showtime.

Create a stage and rehearsal space. Clearly define the parameters with sacred tools like candles, spice lines, salt lines, rocks, etc.


Begin with the first archetype, Chronos. Rehearse the poetic dream-speech instructions. Speak or sing your archetypes' gibberish and/or translations. Refine their costume. Explore how they'll move through the space. If need be, begin your rehearsal with the electric fire breath-work. Allow them to carry out the detailed instructions from the wisdom of your heart in this sacred space. Your rehearsal in each archetype's embodiment may last an hour or more, but eventually the poetic expression may be limited to 20 minutes each.

Timing is based on a one hour performance. May be shortened or extended based on your needs.


Follow with the Kairos archetype. Create a 20 minute act, fully costumed, fully embodied. Follow the dream-speech instructions. Use your Djinn gibberish and Muse Magic. Simply focus on embodying the most authentic expression of this archetype. Rehearsals may last an hour, refine to 20 minutes.


Now, integrate your Cosmic archetype into a 20 minute act. Follow the same process as you did with the other two. Rehearse as long as you need to fully embody this aspect of your personality.


Lastly, create a 5-10 minute act wherein the bodies of wisdom offered by all three archetypes merges together. This is consilience. Use their poetic instructions to address the "base-metal" story perpetuated by the Chronos archetype. Allow the Kairos and Cosmic archetypes to act out any songs, choreography, or weird actions necessary to fully integrate the "base-metal" story into your consciousness. Rehearse the ritual to influence the subconscious. Perform the ritual to create gold from the base metal story.


gilding the lily

So your ritual is complete. You've performed your truth magic for lots of people. You've deeply influenced their outlook by honoring your deepest truth. You're an alchemist and you've made gold from your base-metal stories. Now what?

Return to your measures of success (the homework). What did you decide you really needed from the ritual? 

Remember that magic does not always work instantaneously. If it did, we would all be in big bad trouble because our hearts are not always in alignment with our will or the will of source spirit. It may take time for the preposterous profundity of our heart's wisdom to fully penetrate our lucid mind. Give yourself time to integrate.

Your ritual performance art is fresh bloomed, fragile, like a new lily. Honor yourself. Honor your fragility. Yes, you have gold but you don't need to gild the lily by pressuring yourself to be more successful than you already are. You just crossed a milestone and poured your heart out to the world. Revel in your courage. Revel in your big heart. Revel in your ability to honor yourself.

You are now exponentially more powerful just for sharing your heart-song with a world that needs it more than they know.





Week 6 - Lesson 2.


So now, we integrate, mix-up, marry. Clarifying our soul into gold transmutes our "base-metal" stories.

But what do we do when we run out of stories to integrate and we feel deeply balanced in who we are, trauma-free, and shiny?

Medicine magic

Our greatest suffering becomes our greatest gift. As we step deeper into a balanced and empowered expansion, all the things we use to "make-up" for our imbalance fall away. Codependent relationships are challenged by our new way of being. We suddenly outgrow our old structures and our mission in life becomes deeply rooted in the wisdom of our transformation.

The deeper we go into our pain, the more powerful our medicine must be. We awaken with a treasured gift to share with the world.

Whatever you give yourself, you now offer those with sorrows and traumas similar to your own. Find them. Make yourself available to them. Make your own unique brand of medicine available to those who share your wounds. Your compassion is your gateway. Feel through into their hearts. 

grand scales

Balance one scale and save the world. A butterfly flutters and causes a hurricane. Your healing shall not be minimized. Your work may shift the overall vibration of your community and it may go unmeasured. Fear not!

After you've balanced yourself you can work one on one. When that gets boring, you can work in small groups. When that gets old you can work with the large crowds. Then take it to media and influence nations. What do you care? You are enough anyway. It all counts.

What will you gift your voice to now? If you believe it's possible to heal the Gulf of Mexico, so be it. Now that you are balanced, follow your heart to a grand scale mission and witness the noodle stick!

Boocoo Blessing

May your heart-strong be true. May you always do you. May you free like a dove. May your grief hold your love. May your love hold your grief. May you lead like a chief. May you bless like a saint. May your heart ne'r be faint.

Thank you for the honor and privilege to share my greatest work with you all.