We invite you to expand our collective influence by employing the following hashtags in all event related media. Let’s create a culture of magic believers.

#YouAreTheSpell in all that you are, your scent, your gaze, your poise, your folly, and grace.

#IAmEnchained and bound in reverence to the preposterous profundity of my wise heart.

#CharmedPants on or #CharmedPants off, my thrill spills glamours from boot to coif.


VIP Delights

Get a gander from the veranda, the best seat in the house! While you’re there, with time to spare, enjoy a back rub or on the house. And if you choose you may amuse yourself on fortunes, oracles and the like. A soothe-sayer obliges. Expect more surprises. What fabulous poses you’ll strike.

Choose this option at checkout. Here’s why:

Free Fortunes ($100 value) | Massage Theater ($100 value) | Cocktails Gratis ($100 value) | Prime Views (Yes!)


Opening ceremony

Arrive on time to define the sacred container for our evenings ritual. Powerful herbal elixirs will be served immediately after to achieve OPTIMAL mind-sets.


ecstatic dance hypnosis

with Firefly Fracassi

Charisma conjuring begins at 9 sharp. Allow Firefly Fracassi to rile your chaotic gumption via "5-Rhythms" hypnosis. Hoot, holler, but ye shan't bother to speak as the fervor of your non-verbal charisma erupts in sweat and gnosis. Ecstatic dance in finest form with an exotica-hypnotica twist.

• 5 Rhythms ($12 value)

• Exceptional Set List


Psychedelic Fashion Show

with Aldini

Thrill spills the catwalk in the #IAmEnchained Psychedelic Fashion Show as the transgress dressed winners bind us to glamour and enchain us with Enchantments a la regalia. Dress to obsess the gate-pixies and be one of 15 selected to represent your social handle like the Cover Pearl you truly are! MC throws shade so be ready to take hate like a true celebrity.
Winning designers walk and will be featured in Enchantments editorials. #youarethespell 


Wizards Exposé round 1

w/ Raby

Ticket patrons are given a mojo bag filled with 5 Enchantments CHARMS, valued at $1 each. When the Wizard's Exposé begins, jingle those jangles and let the wizards know you've got coin to bestow. Wizard's honor the preposterous profundity of their heart's wisdom by conducting 5-minute acts of ritual performance art. Tip the most influential acts with CHARMS from your mojo bag. Let them know their magic is working on you. The wizards make big $$$ from your tips at the end of the night. Culture is shifted in the sacred space we hold for those who seek to honor their genius with the magic arts.

• Real Psycho-Magic ($500 value)

• Ground-Breaking Artists



Presenting Ancient sorcery techniques and introducing the Enchantments Youtube Channel, our newest platform for magic arts education, demonstration, and participation. Go ahead and subscribe so we can launch with a bang! 


Wizards Exposé round 2

w/ Raby
Weird wonder commences as the Wizard's Exposé delights and dazzles our subconscious and conscious desires. Three cheers for non-dualism when the riot of rituals rallies our revelry!


DANCE #CharmedPants OFF

w/ DJ Manny

Clown VVitches storm the dance floor flash-mob style drop- trou as DJ Manny charms our pants off with the hip-hop-a-bottomless jive-bass beats. Wear pretty undies cuz there's no junk allowed on the dance-floor. 

• Clown-Witch Mob ($20 value)

• Dope-Ass Jams ($20 value)


Live Elctro-World-Jazz

w/ Aaron Hermes (Audio Telepathy)
You will lose your f&*king marbles when you hear the electro-jazz-world-fusion genius from this hidden jewel. Polyrhythmic percussionist and instrumentalist. 


intro to Vocal Chaos Magic

w/ Raby
Learn to emote from your more abandoned archetypes in this brief introduction to vocal techniques, character styling, altruistic emoting, freak-charming, and archetype integration.
Slay stage fright with powerful meditations and charisma magic techniques.


closing ceremony

Close out the sacred container with harmonic gusto and Sufi dancing. 


Audio Telepathy (2.10)

Randi of Indra's Awarehouse (03.2)


Geoffrey Hamilton Krum (2.27)

and all other Aquarius/Pisceans.

Cake may fly




Whats up with tickets?

Get them here! The first 100 tickets are $15 so you’ll want to be an early bird. The next 100 are $20 so nab ‘em stat. Door prices are remaining tickets are $25. Don’t snooze!

What is Enchantments?

Enchantments is a digital media platform on a mission to foster creative liberation and the love of fate. Enchantments supports this mission by providing weird magic-arts education, demonstration, and participatory events.

What is “Creative Liberation”?

Creative Liberation involves empowering people to trust the genius in their heart; to remove their shame and creative blocks; to honor their expression as magic; and to channel their creative genius into poetic rituals that cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and innovation.

What are “weird magic-arts”?

Weird magic arts specifically refers to the powerful rituals that foster creative liberation and a love of fate. These rituals may seek to balance the society of archetypes within oneself as well as the society proper. They challenge the subconscious will to get on board with the conscious will. They teach us about our true nature.

Some examples include psycho-magic, chaos magic, dream magic, heart speech and the electric fire technique.

For more information, subscribe to the Enchantments Youtube Channel (content coming soon), or join the #YouAreTheSpell Facebook Group to talk magic with the community.

What's a clown vvitch?

An individual who practices or is interested in practicing the weird magic arts. YOU! We like the term vvitch because it’s gender-neutral implication. We like the art of clowning because it deliberately challenges dogmas with psycho-magic.

What is this event, the "wizards’ exposé"?

The Wizard's Expose is the official YouTube channel launch party for Enchantments.
In line with its mission to foster creative liberation and the love of fate, Enchantments has created a sacred stage where individuals (weird wizards, clown-priests, freak-charmers, queer-bombers, love-bugs, poetic-waxers, etc.) will showcase intentional pyscho-magic performance art. Rituals will be filmed and performers will be interviewed for the Enchantments YouTube showcase as well as Enchantments Magazine editorials.