An advanced practice for Highest Yoga Tantra initiates.


Electric Fire technique

Expand lung capacity & become a clear conduit

This ancient Tibetan breathing technique from Vajrayana Buddhism, Tummo (feminine courage), is found in the last of the Six Yogas of Naropa. The practice embodies the fierce goddess - going within with the electric-fire of lightning in the heart. This technique builds inner-fire by building the electrical charge in the body.

You'll enjoy longer durations of meditative states, an awakening of the subtle energy body, increased endurance, mood elevation, increased control of adrenal responses, balanced pH levels in the body, and countless other benefits.


Poetic theory: Electricity connects to the clearest conduit, the tallest tree, a lightning rod, an enlightened being. When we increase our electric charge and practice compassion for all things, we become a clear conduit, making us more attractive to the electricity in other people's hearts, as well as distant lightning storms, birds, dragonflies, etc. Practice this technique to become a powerfully influential and intuitive sorcerer. 

This light version is just an introduction to the profound power of the electric fire.

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1. Breath

Inhale fully (100%) for 35-55 sequential breaths. When you exhale, just release naturally (don't push the air out all the way out). The idea is to create friction within your core, like a bellows blowing a flame in your sacrum. You may feel dizzy or experience muscle contractions in your mouth and hands. You may feel tingles. It's all O.K. Witness the energy bursting through your body like a dragon. Witness the sensations in your body. As you breathe, try to keep your shoulders relaxed while stretching your chest and upper belly muscles.

2. Witness the void

After you last "quick breath," exhale naturally and just wait, without inhaling. Witness. Don't force it, just relax all your muscles. Witness the void of your body without inhaling. You might explore timing yourself to see how long it takes before your next necessary inhale. Recording retention times gives you a map of your progress. You'll find, with practice, your retention times effortlessly get longer and longer. The wisdom of Shunyata (emptiness) is called into the hollow space of breathlessness as you simply witness.

3. Blissful inhale

When you are ready to breathe again, inhale fully and hold for as long as the fire feels healthy - do not allow yourself to become too dizzy before exhaling. Witness the electric fire like two snaking dragons, or electric fountains, climbing up from your sacrum, into your gut, up through your heart, into your throat, through your third eye and out through your crown.

Advanced practice: 

When the electric fire snakes out through your crown, imagine that a legion of guides, guardians, divine beings, Buddhas... imagine them exploding with joy for your success, their blissful love raining down above your head. The nectar of their bliss drips down into a flowing fountain that snakes like two dragons down through your crown and into your body. Witness your body as the divine vessel for the two dragon energies.


When you are ready to exhale, imagine your exhaling breath zips your energetic body closed, drawing your expansive spirit body back in from your crown down to your roots. When the dragons do their work, our energetic body becomes very expansive. Practice reeling it back in at the end of each round.

4. Repeat

Repeat this process (steps 1, 2 & 3) two additional times. For best results, do three rounds each morning when you wake up. Practice on an empty stomach when possible.

WARNINGS: Do not do this while swimming, underwater, in a shower, or anyplace where suffocation could happen. Do not do this while driving. You'll feel lightheaded and dizzy. Do this at your own risk.